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Surya Kriya

Fire up for the day ahead

Surya Kriya is an ancient and powerfully energising Hatha Yoga practice to activate the ‘fire within’, leading to enhanced levels of energy.

The practice is taught with simple, guided instructions provided by an accredited Isha™ Hatha Yoga teacher, and can be practiced thereafter at home.

Surya Kriya is highly recommended for those seeking increased inner energy and physical and mental balance.

Practice Benefits

Enhance and balance energy levels
Develop mental clarity and focus
Relieve chronic back and neck pain
Tone the body
Remedy weak constitutions
Balance hormonal levels in the body
Prepare for deeper states of meditation

Practice Requirements

Suitable for ages 14+
Medium-level intensity
No experience of yoga necessary
Further details released after registration


Surya Kriya Workshop $200


One Practice Session Pass Worth $25

Note: Both sessions must be attended.

Practice Videos

Practise Sessions

Students who have attended a Surya Kriya workshop are invited to attend our regular Practise Session classes. These classes are a great opportunity to practise Surya Kriya and refine your technique in a committed group atmosphere, under the guidance of a trained Hatha Yoga teacher. Classes run for 1.5 hours on weekday mornings, evenings and weekend afternoons. To be notified of upcoming practise sessions, please Whatsapp us

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