Hatha Yoga Introduction
Yoga Introduction

Hatha Yoga Introduction

Receive an overview of our programs and learn about Classical Hatha Yoga as a complete science to wellbeing

With a range of programs and packages on offer at our studio, why not join us for a free introductory session to learn about:

  • The origins of Yoga
  • What Hatha Yoga is and why it is a useful tool for modern living
  • Understand the mechanics of stress and disease
  • Discover how Yoga enhances body and mind
  • What sets Isha Hatha Yoga apart from other practices
  • How to select a Yoga program that is right for you

The class is also an opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about our studio or developing a program that suits your needs. Click on the register button below to find an upcoming free intro session.

17th March Friday

5:30pm to 8:30pm

To be announced

If you can't make it at the times suggested, then please email us to book a private appointment


Learn about Yoga
Meet our staff
Familiarise yourself with our studio
Discover a Yoga program that suits your needs


Ages 7 and above
No experience of yoga necessary


Free to attend

Practice Videos

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