About Isha Hatha Yoga

Developed by globally-renowned yogi, humanitarian and enlightened master, Sadhguru, the Isha™ Hatha School of Yoga has been established to revive the ancient science of Hatha Yoga, with programs taught to millions worldwide.

"Hatha Yoga is about creating a body which is not a hurdle in one’s life. The body becomes a stepping stone ... in one’s progress of blossoming into his ultimate possibility.”

- Sadhguru


About Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Yoga

Sadhguru is a globally-renowned yogi, humanitarian and enlightened being. Isha Foundation was established by Sadhguru in 1992 to offer a range of yoga programs, as well as social and community development initiatives, worldwide.

Today Isha Yoga has a presence in over 150 cities internationally, and also holds consultative status with the United Nations.

It is Sadhguru’s vision to offer one drop of spirituality to every human being, to ensure that each individual can experience the deepest core of life within.

Our staff and studio




Yoga Sadhana is founded, managed and run by Abhishek (Abhi) Guru and is the first private school in Australia to teach Isha Hatha Yoga.

Abhi undertook the internationally-renowned 1750-hour Isha Hatha Training Program in South India in 2013, wishing to bring Hatha Yoga in its full depth and profundity to an Australian audience.

Also a graduate of IIT MadrasIIM Calcutta and The University of Sydney, life has offered him a range of conventionally rewarding career pursuits that he has ignored in the pursuit of yoga. Teaching for him is neither a profession nor a hobby but an expression of a humbling and profound experience of the deeper dimensions of life that he strives to share with his students.

Since establishing Yoga Sadhana, Abhi has taught Hatha Yoga to over one thousand students across Australia and South East Asia, and featured at several international yoga festivals.




Chandini completed her Bachelors in Commerce and spent 11 years trying out different roles such as working at a corporate like Google in Hyderabad then a smaller company in Amsterdam, from co-founding an online retail store in India to teaching Seniors how to use digital technologies in Sydney. Longing to find out what she really wanted to spend her life on, she tried out many options.

She did Inner Engineering in Sydney, in 2018, which gave her the much needed clarity in life. After a year, she learnt Yogasanas, her first Isha Hatha Yoga program, at Yoga Sadhana and instantly fell in love with Isha Yoga. Soon after, she could see her life transforming gradually, feeling more willing and joyful in her day to day tasks.

In 2021, she completed the 1750 hours Isha Hatha Yoga teacher training. The sheer intensity of the training helped her break through many limitations, feeling almost superhuman at times. And the daily Sadhana (Yogic Practices) gave her balance and immense bliss. She now feels honoured to be able to transmit Yoga in its purest form to other people.

Chandini is also passionate about cooking and enjoys cycling around the city, dancing and indoor gardening.




Ram is a computer science engineer, and a post graduate in management from BITS(Pilani). He has 15 years of experience in the IT industry working for various companies like Accenture, IBM, HSBC and currently, Open Universities Australia as a Product Manager.

Ram tasted his first Yoga experience in the year 2013 when he attended the Inner engineering program with Sadhguru. The program was transformational for him and subsequently he did Isha Hatha Yoga and other advanced Isha programs which brought him boundless joy, inner freedom and a certain level of balance within himself. This inspired him to take up volunteering and eventually he completed Ishanga training to conduct monthly satsangs, Isha Kriya and Upa Yoga sessions in Melbourne which got him a flavour of the teaching experience.

After seeing the fulfillement of guiding classes and the joy of witnessing people transforming, he decided to take the next step to enroll himself into the internationally-renowned 1750-hour Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2019. He sees this as a great privilege and responsibility of transmitting this ancient science of yoga to the public and contribute to Sadhguru's vision of raising human consciousness.




Annie became a registered nurse in 1999 from the Nursing Midwifery Council, United Kingdom; and then became a registered nurse with AHPRA in Australia, in 2006 when she also completed Post-Registration Study. She has worked as a registered nurse in different parts of the world, like Muscat, Iraq, Italy, United Kingdom and Australia. Her specialty is operating theatre.

In 2018 Annie completed the 21 day Hatha Bliss program at Yoga Sadhana, and after practicing this yoga she has transformed herself and this inspired her to pursue further training, and she completed the Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in December 2019 at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India.

In her own words, "My body is not a hurdle anymore, and also my fear of driving is completely gone. Clarity of my brain has improved. My mind has become so stable. I am very interested to spread this yoga to this world!"


The Yoga Sadhana studio was established in mid 2016 as a purpose-built venue for teaching and practising Hatha Yoga, featuring beautiful cotton carpets handmade by South Indian artisans, and a shop that stocks useful yoga supplies.

Channel 7 recently interviewed and featured Yoga Sadhana on the TV show 'The House of Wellness' - for a segment titled 'The Power of Yoga'. Catch the full episode here (our studio features from 2m30s to 5m30s).

Studio facilities: Yoga Mats, Cushions, Toilet, Change Room

Our teaching methods

Our classes are taught with great care and precision to create a conducive atmosphere for learning the subtle science of Hatha Yoga. Taught in an intimate group setting, classes are designed to gradually introduce students to yoga practices through verbal instruction and demonstrations. We also feature informative videos that provide intellectual insight into the processes taking place.

Unlike many modern yoga studios, we avoid playing music, using mirrors or props, talking while demonstrating, or physically touching participants during the classes. Many students comment on the depth of their experience as a direct result of this inward oriented teaching format.

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