Hatha Bliss
Hatha Bliss

Hatha Bliss

21 Day Boot Camp for Total Transformation

In the Hatha Bliss program, you have the opportunity to learn all the Isha Hatha Yoga practices

  • Upa Yoga - Gentle Practises to Loosen and Activate the Body (also taught in our Beginner Course)
  • Angamardana - Yoga Workout for Strength & Fitness
  • Surya Kriya - Powerful Ancient Practice for Stability & Energy
  • Surya Shakti - Active Practise for Cardio & Muscle Tone
  • Yogasanas - Sequence of Postures to Elevate Consciousness

Over a period of 21 days with an early morning 2 hour session each day.

Experience the bliss that follows a disciplined and dedicated immersion into Hatha Yoga.

Starts Monday 11th July 2022

Ends Sunday 31st July 2022

Weekdays: 5:30am - 7:30am

Weekends: 6:00am - 9:00am

All 21 sessions must be attended

Practice Benefits

Learn all Isha Hatha Yoga practices
Develop a comprehensive daily practice regimen
Experience the peaks of your health
Limited class size

Practice Requirements

Suitable for ages 14 and above
High-level intensity
No experience of yoga necessary
Further details released after registration


Regular Price $900


Four Practise Session Passes Worth $80

Free Car Parking

Take advantage of the early morning and park for free until 8 am right in front of the studio.

Grant's Hatha Bliss Vlog

In this series of interesting and funny videos, one of our students shares his entire journey of the 21 Day Hatha Bliss program from attending a free introduction to learning each of the Isha Hatha Yoga practices and noticing their impact on his body, mind and life as a young creative musician and YouTuber

Practice Videos

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