Beginner Course
Beginner Course

Beginner Course

Gentle activation of the joints, muscles and energy system

In our beginner course, participants have the opportunity to learn beginner-level Isha Upa Yoga practices for deep relaxation and activation of the joints, muscles and energy system.

The perfect counterbalance for our busy working lives, and a great introduction to Isha Hatha Yoga, the course is also an opportunity to prepare the body for more advanced Isha Hatha Yoga practices (taught in our workshops).

Suitable for all levels of flexibility 🙂

By the end of the program, you will have learnt a comprehensive yoga routine that you can practise any time at your leisure.

Practice Benefits

Enhance and balance energy levels
Develop mental clarity and focus
Relieve chronic back and neck pain
Tone the body
Remedy weak constitutions

Practice Requirements

Ages 8 and above
Low-level intensity
No experience of yoga necessary



Note: Both sessions must be attended.

Practice Videos

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