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Next program from Monday 26th June to Sunday 16th July

 6:30pm-8:00pm AEST

21 x 90 minutes sessions over 21 days

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Simple yet powerful yogic practices

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Learn how to create a balanced and joyful life with our new online yoga and meditation program

Help bring stillness to the body and mind
Relax and rejuvenate the energy system through simple exercises
Increase vitality with tips on healthy eating and sleep management

Limited spots available

Suitable for ages 12 and over. No experience of yoga necessary.

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"Yoga offers a structured way of bringing us health, peace and inner wellbeing." Join us for a series of live online sessions to learn a series of simple practices to transform body and mind”

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Teaching a range of simple yet effective practices for inner wellbeing

Practices to loosen up the arms
Strengthen Muscles and Activate Joints
Neck Relaxation and Brain Activation
Spine Stretching
Breath Balancing
Joyful Sound Yoga
Inward process for Dynamism & Wellbeing
Immunity Boosting & Lung Capacity Enhancing Exercises

food for wellbeing

By the end of this course, you will learn:

✓ More than 10 simple yet powerful yogic practices to bring wellbeing
✓ Introduction to Yoga Namaskar, Sadilaja and Kriya Yoga
Meditation techniques that use the breath and sound
✓ How to develop a disciplined, daily practice regime for long term results
✓ Insights into different aspects of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


✓ Insight into how to best manage sleep
Introduction to further yogic practices offered by Yoga Sadhana to access deeper dimensions of the self

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With curated talks and recipes created by Sadhguru

In addition, to live teachings from Yoga Sadhana staff, the program also includes a number of profound video presentations by Sadhguru. Videos cover different aspects of yoga and its effects on the human system, and how one can transform body and mind through simple yet powerful practices.

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Our teachers for this program


Adheera Barot

My name is Adheera Barot. I am a Jewellery Designer and a Gemologist by profession. The interest in the minute geometry of gems and nature around me led me to want to understand more about my body and the wonder of this machine. This deep inquiry within myself led me to explore more about Yoga and my journey felt Infinite and unfathomable. This inquiry led me to be a teacher for 4 years at the Isha Home School, (Isha Foundation, Coimbatore-India), and my experiences made me want to dive deep into the inquiry of the source. My journey continues as an Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher and I am deeply humbled to share these profound tools of transformation with all of you online.


Divya Choksi

Divya did her first Isha program, Inner Engineering merely out of curiosity in 2014. Having experienced innumerable benefits and impacts of the practices she learnt, after her Bachelors, she decided to turn towards teaching yoga. She underwent the training in 2016 and has been teaching since then. 
Apart from taking private yoga sessions she has also worked with Isha Life Heath Solutions (ILHS) in chennai, a health clinic with a holistic approach to health. Hatha Sadhana Support was an initiative that was started by a few Hatha Yoga teachers to support participants build up their surya shaktis to 108 and quite a few did! She also holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Madras School of Social Work (MSSW).
Teaching for Divya has been extremely rewarding and it would be a priviledge to be able to carry it to many more cities.
Divya hails from a Gujarati family living in chennai for the past 4 decades. She is a fun-loving, approachable and is committed towards anothers well-being. 
Some of the activities she enjoys doing are cooking, dancing, listening to music and sketching mandala patterns.

What other students are saying

“I’d like to say that I have had a great experience with the yoga class, which I attended over the 5 days… I have loved the progression I have made because of the instructions received over the week. I have chronic spinal pain and it has helped me to move better and feel less pain. Even my pain specialist was very surprised. Thank you for your instruction and time. I will be looking forward to other workshops.”
Michael, Training Manager, BSL, Melbourne.

“I was quite unsure of how this session would run and if I could follow them but once this session started I felt very comfortable and positive about it. The online session in itself was just mind-blowing. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, gave me a very positive feeling, and  my instructor was very calm and composed which made the whole experience a pleasant journey.”
Jhumur, Early Childhood Educator, Melbourne

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Average review score on Google and Facebook

Still have questions?

What is the workshop format?
The workshop runs across 21 x 90-minute online sessions.

Who is this program for?
This program is designed for those aged 12 and above. No experience of yoga is necessary and you do not need to be flexible to benefit from the practices.

Is there a live teacher conducting this program? Or is it entirely pre-recorded?
The program is conducted live over webinar, with some pre-recorded videos presented throughout. Students will be able to interact with the teacher and ask questions throughout.

What is the cost of the program?
Full price is $199. Early bird price is $185 (Includes GST)

Is this course good value?
The course teaches simple yet powerful practices to transform body and mind. Once you have learned the practices in this course, you will be able to repeat them by yourself at home without instruction. We recommend regular practice for best results. For this reason, we believe the course represents exceptional value.

Do I have to commit to every class?
Yes, it is mandatory to attend all 21 online classes.

I don’t practise yoga. Can I join this program?
No prior experience of yoga is required for this program.

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