Upcoming Workshops Schedule


Sat 6 Mar - Sun 7 Mar
weekend workshop

Beginner Course

Wed 24 Mar - Thu 25 Mar

weekday evening workshop

Eye Care

Wed 31 Mar - Thur 1 Apr
evening workshop




Sat 17 Apr - Sun 18 Apr
weekend workshop

21 Day Hatha Bliss Program

19 Apr - 9 May
boot camp for total transformation

Surya Kriya

Tue 6 Apr - Fri 9 Apr
Weekday morning workshop

Back to Bliss Program

For 21 day Alumni

Stay Tuned!

Thursday - Friday 5.30-7.30AM
Saturday - Sunday 6-9AM

Surya Shakti (for Surya Kriya Practitioners)

Coming soon!!

Regular Weekly Class Schedule

Weekly Schedule


Interactive booking schedule

The schedule below can be used to book the Free Hatha Yoga Intro or Practise Sessions (for those who have completed a workshop).

Workshops can be booked by clicking a "Learn More" button on the list at the top of this page

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