Yoga for the Workplace

Thirty-minute Hatha Yoga & Meditation sessions for wellbeing and enhanced productivity 

Yoga for the Workplace is a series of guided yoga and meditation classes designed for the busy corporate work environment. 

Based on beginner-level Isha™ Upa Yoga practices, classes cover simple yoga postures and breath techniques for enhanced wellbeing, mental focus, emotional balance and bodily rejuvenation. The practices are not physically demanding, and present almost no risk of injury. 

Yoga for the Workplace classes are a great way to make the office environment a more joyful and active space, contribute to worker wellbeing, and offer a rewarding social and team-building activity.

Practice Benefits
  • Gentle and relaxing

  • Enhance work capability

  • Increase immunity to sickness

  • Improve alertness and mental clarity

  • Rejuvenate the body after long periods sitting at a desk

  • Relieve physical stress and tiredness 

  • Exercise the joints and muscles

  • Negate the effects of long travel or jetlag

Practice Requirements
  • Suitable for all ages 

  • Low-level intensity

  • No experience of yoga necessary

  • Classes are best scheduled before lunch, as participants need to have an empty or light stomach

  • Yoga classes require the use of a quiet, vacant room

  • Each participant requires approximately 1m x 2m of clear space

  • Further details released after registration

  • 1-10 person class: $25 per person/session

  • 11-20 person class: $20 per person/session

  • 20+ person class: $15 per person/session

  • Contact us to create a custom package for your workplace

Practice Videos
Get in touch

Come and visit the studio or give Abhishek a call to arrange a free appointment. We are very happy to create a custom program package that caters to your personal goals and skill level.


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