Why should I choose a membership ?

Love to learn new stuff but struggle to keep it up? Don’t worry. It’s totally normal and you are not alone. A membership is what you need.

We are now providing membership options to encourage you to commit to the discipline that you need to make that transformation happen in your life.

In line with our studio name, we know that sadhana (doing your practice) is what is most enjoyable but at the same time quite challenging to sustain for most of us with our schedules and priorities.

Becoming a member keeps you motivated and provides unlimited~ access to sessions at the studio where you can refine and strengthen your practices. This is such a boon when you aren’t able to make the time on your own at home.

The table below gives you an understanding of the minimum potential value you could get from the different membership options available.

Membership Option Cost per month Total Cost Practise Sessions* Value of Sessions Total Savings
Annual $59 $708 96 $1,920 $1,212
Half Yearly $79 $474 48 $960 $486
Quarterly $89 $267 24 $480 $213

NOTE *: Based on a minimal attendance of 2x practise sessions per week (If you attend more sessions and workshops, the potential savings are much greater than above).

So if this makes sense to you and you like to save money and not just learn but maintain, deepen, and improve your yoga practices as you grow too, sign up for a membership today.

~unlimited access to practise sessions one is eligible to attend (based on workshops previously attended) and discounted pricing on workshops during the membership period

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