Why kids today should learn Angamardana as early as possible?

It is quite obvious that as humanity has evolved from one generation to the next, in pursuit of comfort and convenience, our physical capabilities have greatly diminished.

Unless you grew up in a farm or a village on a mountain side, for most city dwelling families, the frequency with which we engage in physically intense activity is quite low.

Even though our children may be somehow involved in at least one kind of sport through school, the lure of electronic devices is hard to resist.

From a child’s perspective, playing cricket on a tablet may be a lot more fun than going out on a sunny cricket field and getting sweaty and dirty and playing a game with real people.

The visual and auditory overload of these games can create quite a stimulating experience that real life can’t compete with.

Thanks to an overprotective society, most parents (and therefore children) associate going out and playing with the danger of injury and sickness.

So let’s face it. We are largely living an indoor lifestyle whether we like it or not. Yes, we may occasionally hit the beach or hike in the bush but certainly not often enough to really make a difference.

So can we do better in giving our kids a fitness regime that can help them grow into strong, agile and energetic youth?

In our Hatha Yoga for Children program, we teach a gentle set of beginner yoga practices that largely help with mental focus, balance and stability, and it is obvious to see that the kids are longing for something more intense and challenging.

Angamardana offers a structured comprehensive workout for literally every single muscle and joint in the body without the need for equipment or a large space.

If your children are not doing much in terms of physical activity, daily practice of Angamardana would be everything they need for fitness.

And if your children are already involved in sports, dance or any other physically intense activity, then angamardana is the most perfect way to prepare them for enhanced performance in these endeavours.

But Angamardana is more than just fitness. It literally means ‘to master the limbs’ and brings a tremendous amount of energy and stillness to the body. This is a unique way to stay charged up but without restlessness in the body or distraction in the mind.

It is truly a miraculously powerful and highly relevant practice for children in today’s world. So, don’t hesitate and sign up your kids (minimum age is 8) now for an upcoming Angamardana workshop.

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