Why are there no free trials?

Do you like ice cream? Yes? Who doesn’t? 🙂 Please allow me to explain ‘why’ using the analogy of ice cream.

When you go to a local ice cream parlour these days, there are typically a whole array of flavours to choose from. Often, you have a chance to try a few different flavours before deciding which one to spend your $5 on. Isn’t that choice and convenience wonderful? Sure it is..

Now, let’s take the case of an award winning restaurant. Surely, they have ice cream embedded in their desserts. Now, when you order, do you ask for a free taste? No. Do you complain about a lack of convenience or choice? No. You simply trust that whatever you ask for will provide you with a visually stunning, great tasting and overall satisfying experience.

Now, these two customer experiences are not comparable at all obviously. The costs of their ingredients, the training of the chefs and other staff, the ambience, the time spent on preparing the order, the way it is offered and the manner in which it is consumed, all of these are very very different.

Similarly, with yoga, and particularly with our programs, we are confident of providing an overall superior and more comprehensive experience, as you can see from reviews on our google listing and facebook page.

But this is not just about reviews or ratings or making pretentious claims of quality.

A few facts.

  • Our teachers go through 1750 hours of training before teaching at even the most basic level.
  • Apart from the beginner course (which in itself requires a 6 week commitment), our three primary programs (Angamardana, Surya Kriya and Yogasanas) take between 6 hours and 12 hours each to learn, and this is ‘before’ you can start practising.
  • Our teaching method has several points of difference when compared with other styles of Yoga, all carefully designed to provide you with a highly effective learning experience (but that’s a topic for another blog).
  • Each of our practices are elaborate in detail, precise in form, and meticulously taught.

These are ancient systems developed from a highly sophisticated understanding of the human mechanism. It has taken many generations of masters to transmit these methods down to us, and to teach these practices is not a mere occupation, but a dedication of a lifetime of striving and conscious self exploration.

When you sign up for one of our programs, we consequently expect a certain level of commitment and dedication. Your investment of time, money and effort will not go in vain.

If you come in with an open mind, leaving aside any prior knowledge of yoga, avoiding calculations, and getting rid of any expectations, you can rest assured that the practices will naturally lead you inward to the very core of your existence.

This is our guarantee to you.

We hope this article helps to provide a better understanding of why there are no free trials in our studio. Please feel free to send in your comments or questions in an email to info@yogasadhana.com.au

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