What is the Yoga Sadhana Team doing during the Lockdown?

Lockdown has been a different experience for every one. Some have found it intense, while others found it as a time to slow down and reflect on life. Here, we share our experiences with you.

Abhishek Guru, Teacher at Yoga Sadhana

When it was first declared that the studio would need to be closed, we were right in the middle of a 21 day program so that was a big blow for me personally, that we had to pause a program in the middle.

It took me about 10 days to recover from the shock, and after a lot of Netflix therapy and introspection, I realised it was time to accept this new reality, and see what we could do differently, to continue being productive and still contribute to humanity.

We are now exploring some options to offer a few simple tools online (Intro Session, Upa Yoga, Food Class) as we will not be able to offer the core Isha Hatha Yoga practices online (Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas). I’m also planning to record and release a series of videos on certain unique aspects of Isha Hatha Yoga which many others may not know about.

To keep me occupied otherwise, I’m also learning to play the Mridangam which is a very intricate and sweet sounding percussion instrument used in South Indian Carnatic classical music. Sadhana is going great. Reading Death by Sadhguru is blowing my mind. Every trip to the grocery store seems like an epic adventure.

Ram Nathan, Teacher at Yoga Sadhana

Though I’m really missing to offer hatha yoga classes, my social interactions, moving around freely, etc. I’m trying to make use of this time in the best way possible and accept this as a new reality. My typical day starts with Sadhana, then remote working, cooking, social media (in between), evening Sadhana, Netflix (around an hour), and end the day with Sadhguru’s live darshan online.

A few highlights:

Sadhana: It’s been a blessing in one way for me where I’m able to spend ample time to do my practices in an elaborate way, say minimum 5-6 hours daily covering all Hatha yoga and Kriya. I’m able to feel vibrant throughout the day.

Culinary skills: One skill I have always wanted to explore is culinary skills & this has been the best time for that. I started by cooking smashed avocado brekkies and then on to authentic South Indian meals. My wife was so surprised to see me cooking and that too without compromising on taste and quality.

Reading: Sadhguru’s book, Death has been a profound and fascinating experience. It’s a great read and indeed it is enhancing my perception of the most debated topic – death.

Social media: One thing I want to curb is the amount of time I’m spending on social media and often it’s so negative and uninspiring. Looking at the amount of negativity and cynicism in all forms of media, I wish people would learn some form of Yoga. This could potentially make people more balanced and evolved, and also be inclusive so that they could become part of the solution rather than the problem.

I’m deeply grateful for the front-liners.I also sincerely hope this phase shall pass soon and people can get back to normalcy with more maturity and responsibility.

Annie Vincent, Teacher at Yoga Sadhana

I love this Corona virus even though we cannot see the virus with the naked eye. What a fantastic
change in everyone’s life!

All these years no one had time for anything and everyone has been so busy. This virus can change human beings’ thoughts and they are able to sit down doing nothing.

I have enjoyed this locked down period. No alarm to wake up to in the morning and there is no need of a clock as I can do what I want in my own time.

What have I been doing during this locked down period? When I wake up I have two glasses of warm water, then sit down to relax. After that I commence my morning routine starting with yoga, for two hours. We then cook and have breakfast – Puttu, Idly, Dosa, etc. After that, we cook South Indian rice and curry dishes. Sometimes, we prepare snacks like Pakkuvada, Uzhunnuvada, Sukkyan, Parrippuvada, etc.

In the evening, we go bushwalking for about two hours. When we come back, we have a shower, have dinner and relax by watching movies or comedy shows, and then sleep.

I am enjoying my daily lock-down routine of doing yoga, cooking fresh food, and walking.

Yash Shah, Online Adverts & Automations Manager

Spirituality is about finding answers to all our questions revolving around longings, desires and miseries. Wise people have advised us that if you know yourself, then you will know all. Although I read regularly, this lock-down period has given me a lot more room to go through wisdom literature and understand their message.

At present, I am reading I am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ashtavakra Geeta and Patanjali Yog Sutras commentary by Swami Vivekanada. Reading wisdom literature for me is not about becoming an expert or a knowledgeable person, rather it is a tool to help understand myself. These books have many insights on our real identity, who we really are and why we take ourselves to be something else. They also point to the cause of misery and the way out of it.

I am trying to understand, imbibe and experiment whatever I am reading and I would urge you, as well to start with at least, one such book. Also, there are a few yogic practices (hatha yoga and pranayam) and meditation designed by Sadhguru which I practice daily.

Whatever we do in life, we use two instruments for it: our mind and body. So, keeping our mind and body balanced, healthy, exuberant and joyful is of utmost importance. These practices are powerful tools to work with to that direction. Also to bring these tools of transformation to the world, I have started an initiative called Yog Prachar.

I am also learning to cook a few breakfast dishes from my mother and helping her with daily chores. I also sing, play the guitar and upload one song a day on Instagram due to our current lock-down. 🙂
You can see how good (or bad) I am at it on my Instagram @yashshah.life where I also share what I am learning in my journey.

This is the time where we are all away from the humdrum of our daily lives and fixed routines.
Do use this opportunity to sit by yourself, reflect, understand your mind – its desires and fears. Seek to see why you do what you do and what you really want in life.

This lock-down can be the best blessing in your life if you start this journey of discovering yourself.

Swetha Ram, Student

At the end of the day yoga and meditation are all about being a better human being and so, what
better time than now?

Apart from the hassles of visiting the grocery stores and the constant lookout for toilet paper, COVID 19 lock-down has otherwise been a blessing.

Lifestyle changes have been amazing, right from eating twice a day, reading a few books from
different genres, refining my artistic skills, dedicating a greater amount of time for sadhana,
posting at least two artworks a month, a fair dose of Netflix and playing card games like poker with my husband in the night.

Above all, this lock-down period has personally been a time to introspect and focus on conscious living.

I am striving to be aware of every thought, word and action by conducting a constant self audit. I wish that this will blossom in the best way possible.

Riddhi Arora, Social Media Manager

The lock-down period turned out to be quite challenging for me, especially in terms of time management.

Also, I am using it as an opportunity for me to go deeper within. While many of us are learning to slow down, I am learning to manage time more efficiently.

We chose not to send our son to school and instead do lots of activities together at home. We see that he is building every-day life skills, and this gives us immense joy. For instance, we enjoy teaching him how to prepare simple smoothies, sandwiches and fruit salads. His favourite is Groundnut Banana Shake, which is one of the Isha recipes. We have also created our own little variation, where we add avocado and cacao powder into it!

In our recent walks in nearby parks, we noticed the skies are clearer and that there is less pollution in Sydney now. We have also found bush-walking to be a sure way of feeling rejuvenated.

I am also enjoying my Sadhana, although I would love to intensify it. However, yoga does not happen only on the yoga mat. Yoga is obliterating my boundaries and helping me respond to life in a more inclusive manner. This surely is something that I am working on.

I have also been spending some time reflecting and writing on my personal pages. You are welcome to read my personal sharings and poems on Facebook or Instagram

If you would like to share your own experiences, please please get in touch with us by email at info@yogasadhana.com.au or send by WhatsApp to 0481 166 593.

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