What is so different about Isha Classical Hatha Yoga?

December 12, 2019

There are many places that one can choose to learn yoga from. Many of us get confused, and I did too. Most of the places that I came across were imparting yoga merely as another physical exercise. 


Yoga literally means union and this was something that I was longing to experience. Here at Yoga Sadhana, yoga is being taught in its truest form. And this was the main reason why I chose to learn yoga here. 


The most unique thing about Isha Classical Hatha Yoga that is offered here is that it is inward oriented. One is able to experience the depth of what Yoga really is through this unique approach. The tools offered are towards bringing the experience of existential reality within oneself. There may be many physical and mental benefits, but most importantly one is able to grow to ones ultimate possibility.  


Sadhguru - "Getting rid of your backache and headache is not the purpose of yoga. For example, suppose you did not know what an airplane is, and I give you one. You try to drive around with it in Los Angeles, but you find these two ugly things on the side hit the lampposts and trees. So, you chop off the wings and drive around with your airplane. You may be pretty happy, but one who knows what it means to fly will cry. When I look at the way yoga is done in many places, that is how I feel – I feel like crying because people are driving an airplane with chopped-off wings." 


The benefits that one may achieve at other yoga studios are often temporary. The changes that are noticeable are only on the outside.  But Isha Classical Hatha Yoga transforms an individual from within and opens up dimensions that are subtle in nature. 


The stillness that I am able to experience through this ancient and unique approach to life brings the essential clarity that I need in day to day activities. Yoga has brought the necessary awareness in me to be more responsive, patient and calm. It has shifted me from being compulsive to more conscious in my actions. 


Previously, while eating food I found myself distracted looking at my phone. Now, when I sit to eat food, I am conscious of the food that is so readily merging with me. With every bite that I take, I am experiencing oneness with life. I am much more present to the moment and naturally I don’t feel the need to snack compulsively throughout the day like I used to. 


I have also noticed that instead of trying to be ‘good’ in a moralistic way, I am only being. If I make a mistake, I am able to accept without over indulging in guilt. And if people are not behaving themselves, I am able to respond to the situation with much more ease. I am able to take charge of my inner situation without having to depend on the outside. 


I am grateful that I have these practices in my life that I look forward to every morning. But more importantly Yoga is something that is slowly unfolding every moment in my life.


- Riddhi Arora



 Riddhi has previously attended the Hatha Bliss program at Yoga Sadhana. She is currently contributing her time to Yoga Sadhana's blog with her articles, and managing our social media posts. In her free time, she also likes to write poetry and travel. You can catch some of her work on Facebook or Instagram

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