What Hatha Yoga Means to Me? - A Student Shares

April 9, 2019

We would like to share with you a student's reflection on her journey towards becoming a Hatha Yoga enthusiast after recently completing a 21 Day Hatha Bliss program at Yoga Sadhana

I came across Sadhguru's offerings in the form of videos and articles in the year 2014. Being a skeptic, I explored his teachings and contemplated on what he had to share. In some time, I started looking at the yoga practices that the foundation was offering - Hatha Yoga. After extensive research, lots of inner battle and support from the owner and teacher, Abhishek at Yoga Sadhana, I finally decided to take a step towards strengthening myself from within. I chose to do Hatha Bliss as I wanted to explore all the different yoga practices that Hatha Yoga had to offer. The other reasons were being disciplined into yoga for 21 days and the timings in the morning were quite suitable for my lifestyle.


The first session was the most difficult one where I had to wake up before sunrise. My walk to the studio was quiet on the outside, not much traffic and few people on the streets.  While many of us were asleep in our dreams, some of us were awake making choices towards experiencing life to the fullest although me being a little wobbly on my choice.  I often face inner conflict of putting myself first on top of my other responsibilities. However, the warm welcome of the teachers, music playing at the background and the little note with an invocation Asatoma Sadgamaya on it made me feel at ease. I knew I was in the right place. 


The 21 days program strengthened my physical body and emotional health. It has brought more clarity towards my thinking. I had been suffering from back ache and pain because of fibrocysts from past few years. This has considerably reduced. I am more open to saying yes to life and  I feel much more involved with all of my being.


To me Hatha Yoga means bringing that inner balance to help us awaken to our inner reality. It has been an experiential truth and not just a learning. Through my sadhana (practice) I have been able to go beyond my limitations and honour my path towards Truth and Love. It was not an easy decision to make towards my complete health but I am happy that I did not push away these offerings without giving it a try.


-Riddhi Arora




Riddhi is currently contributing her time to Yoga Sadhana's blog with her articles, and managing our social media posts. In her free time, she also likes to write poetry and travel. You can catch some of her work on Facebook or Instagram

We would like to welcome students of Isha Hatha Yoga to share their experience by emailing it to us at nadi@yogasadhana.com.au . We would like to share these experiences with the community.


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