Dear Enlightenment

October 20, 2017



Hello, my unknown elusive friend

lurking quietly around the bend

perhaps with a grin on your face

or no awareness of me in your space

Having dedicated my life to knowing you
encouraged to seek even while I'm blue
There come times I doubt you're there
about which I should maybe just not care

In the company of others like me
feeling comfortable, we all agree
knowing this comfort is but a trap
like familiar spots on a secret map

Yet we strive, guided by grace
who wears an equally mysterious face
that keeps me amused and confused
yet shows me tricks I've never used

They say you are not to be pursued
and to try with struggle is being crude
but when I find I've crossed a peak
more hurdles appear that make me weak

But deeper inside is a clarity
that helps me to know or just to see
that while you may appear unattainable
like a lost lover, missing at the table

It is this longing that gives me strength
to straighten the channels that I've bent
to move me on to higher realms
and keep me focused, while overwhelmed

Until the day your presence I discover
I will use these tools to slowly uncover
and keep them sharp and shiny and clean
and share them with anyone who is keen

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