Jeeva Legium


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Indian gooseberry, liquorice, Indian sarsaparilla, Talispatra, lemon, cardamom and cloves.


Energy, Health and Immunity Booster

Jeeva Legium is a herb-based formulation for overall health, well-being and increased immunity. Daily consumption provides multiple and varied benefits across all age groups.

Benefits for Children:

  • – Purifies the blood and boosts immunity
  • – Strengthens the liver
  • – Builds muscle and boosts overall strength and energy

Benefits for Adults:

  • – Slows down the aging process and makes the skin glow
  • – Supports healthy functioning of the heart and respiratory systems
  • – Rejuvenates all tissues and tones the reproductive system

How to Use:

Take 1 teaspoon with a glass of warm or cold milk.

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