Yoga for health, wellbeing and inner growth

Yoga Sadhana is Australia's first private school to teach Isha Hatha Yoga – and part of a global movement to revive the ancient art and science of classical yoga

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Beginner-level programs

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Beginner Course
Gentle activation of the joints, muscles and energy system
Private Classes
Customised yoga practise sessions for wellbeing
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Learn a Hatha Yoga practice for life. No experience necessary.

Learn the ultimate yoga workout to achieve peak fitness without rigidity
Surya Kriya
Learn a powerful, energising practice to fire up for the day ahead
Surya Shakti
Cultivate Fitness and Strength
Learn a set of postures to balance and transform body and mind
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Special Programs
Hatha Bliss
21 Day Program
Children's Yoga
A fun start for the young ones
Yoga for the Workplace
A unique 30-minute, 8-module yoga package tailored for the modern workplace.
Bhuta Shuddhi
Purify the Elements
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Student testimonials

"I learnt the Angamardana practice a couple of months ago and the effect is amazing! I feel so much more physically fit and energetic. No other workout really quite compares ... if you've got the motivation I absolutely recommend learning it!"
Danny, Consultant

"After practi​s​ing Surya Kriya for a period of time, I've noticed there's more flexibility in my body, more clarity in my mind, and more confidence in m​y daily life choices​. What's more,​ less fear and more peace with the unknown​!​ Maybe you're curious about yoga. Well, a serious warning here - Yoga has been known to cause health and happiness :) Just go for it!​"
Wei, Counsellor

"I learnt Yogasanas recently and after practising it the last 3 months my whole life has been put on fast forward! Having the opportunity to go to Practise Sessions allowed corrections on tiny things I was doing wrong as well! Ultimately preparing my system to experience more than the 5 senses!"
Konish, Systems Coordinator

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Since our launch, we have taught Hatha Yoga to over 1000 Australians.

Thank you to all our students who have written such great feedback on our social media pages.


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Average review score


We are excited to launch Yoga Sadhana in Melbourne, Victoria. Riding on the success of the studio in Sydney, Isha Hatha Yoga programs will now be offered at location closer to you.

Reviving the ancient science of Classical Hatha Yoga, our teachers have received over 1750 hours of formal training in South India.

Join us for a casual Yoga class or workshop, learn a routine you can practise with us or in the privacy of your own home, and experience the benefits of this phenomenal ancient science.

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