Cauvery Calling: Your opportunity to save the planet

For those of us who are lucky enough to remember what the world was like before plastic took over, one thing should be very clear. If you have lived on this planet in the past 50 years, you have un/knowingly and un/willingly contributed to ecological damage.

Every cup of coffee you have ordered, every trip to the grocery store, every time you bought something online, every single day, you have created waste that will occupy space on this earth for a really long time.

We can think of a million reasons to explain it away and shift the blame, but one thing we can all agree upon is that there is one fundamental reason underlying this phenomenon…. Economics.

In many ways, destroying the planet has become the cheaper, easier and more convenient way to live for most of humanity. The moment we collectively and unconsciously chose to divide ourselves from the rest of the existence, we also started to enhance our material existence, and the result is what we see in nearly every moment of our waking civilised lives.

In our endless desire to become ‘better’ than someone else, the planet has suffered immensely.

Rivers are drying rapidly. Farmers are dying because they cannot grow food without water. Very soon, our cities, supermarkets and refrigerators will not be sufficient to keep us alive.

So where is the solution? Does it exist? Can we really change anything or do we resign to our fate as a doomed species?

Thankfully, we have in our midst an enlightened being with the insight, the determination, and a plan to make this Earth a better place to live in.

Cauvery Calling is a focused effort to revive one of South India’s largest rivers by planting 2.42 billion trees along the Cauvery river covering 1/3rd of the river basin with tree cover. To read more about the details of how this solution impacts the river, farmers, and more, please read this article.

It is only because this solution is going to be more profitable for farmers than ever before is it going to work, and fantastically in turn for the river, the people, and the planet. Once this works, it will serve as a model for the rest of India and the world on how to revive dying rivers.

Our ambitious fundraiser for Cauvery Calling is to contribute 100,000 trees and we would like to invite you to be a part of it by making a donation, however small or large at

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