In case you haven't seen it already, please watch "Kangana Ranaut Shares Her Life Changing Experience After Doing Samyama With Sadhguru" on YouTube, where by some merciless twist of fate, I ended up being portrayed as a guy doing 5 to 6 years of kadi sadhana (कड़ी = har...

As I was driving this morning and not quite enjoying a particularly annoying song with cheesy beats and a weird tune on the pop music fm station that I usually listen to, I switched between channels quickly. The track on the rock music station was equally boring and so...

With 2017 coming to an end, and a rare opportunity of no classes for a few days combined with being alone at home, I decided to go into silence for three days.

I could have gone camping, or on a long bike ride, hosted a massive NYE party, or just got lazy and binge wat...

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24 Nov 2016

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