If you've ever attended a practise session with us, you might have noticed that we give a lot of importance to giving individual corrections at the end of the session.

Some of the things we focus on include, alignment, precision, transitions, breathing and focus.


Often we have students (not this guy up here, he's going to have to wait a while before starting with yoga) asking when they will become more flexible. Can I touch my toes before the end of the year? How long do I need to practise before I become perfect?

The answer to...

With 2017 coming to an end, and a rare opportunity of no classes for a few days combined with being alone at home, I decided to go into silence for three days.

I could have gone camping, or on a long bike ride, hosted a massive NYE party, or just got lazy and binge wat...

Just ended another 21 day hatha bliss program today, the fourth edition of this program for 2017. I always feel quite overwhelmed at the end of any program, and this one specifically, guiding the students through a nearly four hour session of all five Isha Hatha Yoga p...

Hello, my unknown elusive friend

lurking quietly around the bend

perhaps with a grin on your face

or no awareness of me in your space

Having dedicated my life to knowing you
encouraged to seek even while I'm blue
There come times I doubt you're there
about which I should...

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24 Nov 2016

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