For those of us who are lucky enough to remember what the world was like before plastic took over, one thing should be very clear. If you have lived on this planet in the past 50 years, you have un/knowingly and un/willingly contributed to ecological damage.

Every cup o...

In case you haven't seen it already, please watch "Kangana Ranaut Shares Her Life Changing Experience After Doing Samyama With Sadhguru" on YouTube, where by some merciless twist of fate, I ended up being portrayed as a guy doing 5 to 6 years of kadi sadhana (कड़ी = har...

If you've ever attended a practise session with us, you might have noticed that we give a lot of importance to giving individual corrections at the end of the session.

Some of the things we focus on include, alignment, precision, transitions, breathing and focus.


Do you like ice cream? Yes? Who doesn't? :) Please allow me to explain 'why' using the analogy of ice cream. 

When you go to a local ice cream parlour these days, there are typically a whole array of flavours to choose from. Often, you have a chance to try a few differe...

As I was driving this morning and not quite enjoying a particularly annoying song with cheesy beats and a weird tune on the pop music fm station that I usually listen to, I switched between channels quickly. The track on the rock music station was equally boring and so...

Often we have students (not this guy up here, he's going to have to wait a while before starting with yoga) asking when they will become more flexible. Can I touch my toes before the end of the year? How long do I need to practise before I become perfect?

The answer to...

Love to learn new stuff but struggle to keep it up? Don't worry. You are totally normal. A membership is what you need..

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24 Nov 2016

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