Are corrections necessary in Yoga?

If you’ve ever attended a practise session with us, you might have noticed that we give a lot of importance to giving individual corrections at the end of the session.

Some of the things we focus on include, alignment, precision, transitions, breathing and focus.

Firstly, you may have wondered why we never give you any corrections during the practise.

We are very particular about not touching students or correcting them during the practise. Sadhguru says that every asana is a possibility to connect with the divine and anything that could potentially interrupt that connection must be avoided.

If you’ve noticed, even our teaching methodology and instructions are always focused on minimising our presence in your practice as much as possible so that the journey and experience is an inward one.

In a sense, you should feel like you are guiding yourself through the postures.

Secondly, corrections are not a criticism and shouldn’t be taken as such. It is a privilege to have your practice observed by another person because oftentimes you may be doing something incorrect without even being aware of it.

Some things are easy to correct with a little more care and awareness.

Other corrections may be harder to incorporate if your body is not strong or flexible enough right now, but with the understanding of the ideal, it’s easier to work towards it progressively with small steps.

Lastly, if you are enjoying the practice anyway, you might be wondering if corrections are necessary at all!

The answer to that depends on how far you wish to take your practice in terms of what it can do for you.

It is just a good workout? Is it about feeling relaxed? Is it about forgetting the worries of the day and just letting go? Or is your sadhana doing something much more for you than just that?

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