A Yogi’s Perspective on Joker

Have you seen “Joker”?

A masterpiece in filmmaking touching on a lot of sensitive topics, this film is a brilliant effort by the directors, cast and crew to convey a very subtle but important message about life and how our decisions can impact ourselves, our near and dear, and the society we live in.

In just a couple of hours, audience members are taken through a variety of complex emotions and reactions, from sympathy to love to rage to amusement to fear and shock.

In an increasingly intolerant, paranoid and cynical world, how can we avoid creating more murderous lunatics? Gun control? Improved mental health services? Auditing Entertainment? Safety and security measures? Workplace ethics? Economic interventions?

Did someone say Yoga? 🤡

Unless we as a collective humanity work on ourselves and use these effective tools to find joy from within, our efforts to entertain, nurture and sustain ourselves are becoming increasingly destructive to the ecology, economy and consequently to society. Rather than forcing people living on the brink, to the edge of their humanity, we need to live more inclusively and seek wellbeing for every life on this planet.

There will always be people in our lives that we feel we cannot get through to, or who we judge as beyond redemption. But the only person that really matters is YOU.

Can you dedicate the necessary time and follow a practice with the necessary discipline to create the necessary outcomes in your body, mind, emotions and energy?

If you truly want this world to become a better place, start with yourself.

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